Victoria BC camping – Breakfast options


Make your Victoria BC camping experience extra special with our unique breakfast options. This is the great bonus of camping on our small farm where the Harper Family make their own bread, raise meat birds, have laying hens and have a berry patch and orchard.

BELGIAN WAFFLES –1 waffle (using our free range eggs) served with homemade sauces – either mixed berry, blackberry or rhubarb (berries/rhubarb from our garden when available grown using no sprays) or syrup if you prefer and whipped cream $9.95

SCRAMBLED EGGS – 2 eggs scrambled (our own free range eggs) served with Canadian Bacon and 2 slices of toast (homemade – either whole wheat or white) and our homemade jam. $9.95

YOGURT PARFAIT – (served over homegrown fruit (when available), and topped with homemade granola) $8.95

GRANOLA – served with milk (our homemade granola with apricots and sweetened dried cranberries) $7.95



Juice – orange or apple $2.00
Bottled Water $1.50
Milk – 1 %  $2.00
Yogurt Cup $2.50
Homemade Granola Bars (5 per bag). No Nuts added – 6 different flavours available $6.00

** 5% GST will be added to any food choices **

Complimentary coffee and tea served every morning